About Me


Want to read an annual Report??  Didn’t think so. I’m done with that, too.

How about some trees asking people to help them and telling them where to build their house? Yeah, that’s more my speed now, too. That’s what the first three books I’ve written are about – sort of.

There is also a memoir with thoughts around losing my husband. Really different than talking trees. But it tells you a lot about me and the whole nasty grieving process.

And then there are some short stories about who knows what – the common thread is upliftment. I plan to have some short story collections available soon.

Where, you might ask, have these disparate stories come from? The short answer would be a fertile imagination tended over the past several decades by two children (now almost forty and fifty) and three grandchildren (currently ranging from three to sixteen). And from an imagination stretched by working to make all things related to physical therapy appealing and engaging to physical therapist wannabees. (And they became wonderful physical therapists.) The stories are seasoned freely with magical thinking and hope for the world. The physical therapy students would probably not recognize these stories. But I hope they all remember what the Flexor Digitorum Profundus is!

For those who want more data (I was one of those people for a long time, but I gave it up a while ago), I went to school for a long time. Two degrees from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then one from University of Georgia. The degrees were in Physical therapy and Education. Most of my teaching was in Georgia, but then I taught for a while at University of South Carolina. I failed in helping them understand that they were NOT Carolina and red was not the correct color.

I retired from physical therapy after about ten years of practice followed by twenty plus years of teaching and administering a physical therapy program with some patient care thrown in. During that time I published several articles and books and chapters and annual reports related to physical therapy. They were well received. And they were not riveting reading. No talking trees or mysteriously appearing messages.

After I retired, the talking trees and mysterious messages started to appear in my writing. I thought they were fun and decided to share them with you. My goal is to write stories to engage, amuse, enthrall, and unite us; to create smiles and to make us wonder; and to have fun – me as writer and you as reader.

I hope you enjoy the stories on this website and that you will wander over to Amazon to buy a book or two. And I’d love to hear from you!